Previous General Awareness Question Paper of S.S.C. Combined Graduate Level [Tier-I (2nd Shift)] Exam. 2012 | Held on 1-7-2012, Fully Solved

1. Who decides the disputes regarding election of President ?
(A) The Supreme Court (B) The Election Commission
(C) The Parliament (D) Both Supreme Court and High Courts
Ans : (A)

2. An apparatus used for locating submerged objects is known as–
(A) radar (B) sonar (C) quasar (D) pulsar
Ans : (B)

3. Near which one of the following cities, the Palitana Temples are situated ?
(A) Bhav Nagar (B) Mount Abu (C) Mearke (D) Ujjain
Ans : (A)

4. Main cause for agitations for separate states in India is–
(A) regionalism (B) growing regional imbalances
(C) people's political consciousness (D) Social inequalities
Ans : (B)

5. Law of 'Use and disuse' was proposed by–
(A) Hugo De Vries (B) Lederberg (C) Lamarck (D) Darwin
Ans : (C)

6. Which revenue earned by Union Government is not distributed among State Governments ?
(A) Excise duty (B) Income Tax (C) Customs duty (D) None of these
Ans : (C)

7. The substance that causes the worst air pollution is–
(A) smoke (B) sulphur dioxide (C) carbon dioxide (D) carbon monoxide
Ans : (A)

8. Two bodies of the same mass are thrown with equal speed from the top of a tower simultaneously. One body (x) is thrown vertically downwards. The other (y) is thrown horizontally-
(A) Both x and y reaches ground simultaneously (B) Both reaches ground with same kinetic energy
(C) x reaches ground with greater kinetic energy (D) y reaches ground with greater kinetic energy
Ans : (A)

9. The rocket which gives us information about Mars is–
(A) Cassinie (B) Discovery (C) Insat 4 (D) Atlas 5
Ans : (D)

10. JDBC stands for–
(A) Java Data Base Conductivity (B) Java Developer Connectivity
(C) Java Database Connectivity (D) Java Developing Connectivity
Ans : (C)

11. Choose the correct one from among the following–
(A) Siksha – astrology (B) nirukta – metre
(C) jyotisha – phonetics (D) vyakarana – grammar
Ans : (D)

12. The famous book “A Better India, A Better world” has been written by–
(A) Rajiv Sikri (B) Azim Prem Ji (C) N. R. Narayana Murthy (D) Praveen Mahapatra
Ans : (C)

13. The world's fastest growing water plant is–
(A) Water Chestnut (B) Amazon water lily (C) Water hyacinth (D) Utricularia
Ans : (C)

14. The International agreement to reduce green-house gases between 2008-2012 is known as–
(A) Agenda 21 (B) Rule of 70 (C) Rio Protocol (D) Kyoto Protocol
Ans : (D)

15. Which of the following has recently produced the first cloned camel ?
(A) U.S.A. (B) Dubai (C) Iran (D) Syria
Ans : (B)

16. The Newzealander's are also known as–
(A) Sams (B) Kiwis (C) Arabs (D) Orientals
Ans : (B)

17. Find the odd one out–
(A) EXIM Bank – Financial assistance to exporters and importers
(B) IDBI – Financial assistance to large industries
(C) SIDBI – Financial assistance to small industries
(D) FCI – Financial assistance to food-grains merchants
Ans : (D)

18. Who is the first Law Officer of the Government of India ?
(A) The Chief Justice of India (B) Law Secretary (C) Union Law Minister (D) Attorney-General of India
Ans : (D)

19. 'Milk of magnesia' is a suspension of–
(A) Magnesium sulphate (B) Magnesium carbonate (C) Magnesium hydroxide (D) Magnesium chloride
Ans : (C)

20. If all the plants of the world dies, all the animals would also die due to shortage of–
(A) Shelter (B) Cold air (C) Food (D) Oxygen
Ans : (D)

21. A person opens his mouth on hearing a thunder in order to–
(A) overcome fear (B) equalise pressure of air on both sides of the ear drum
(C) receive more sound (D) allow air to come out of the mouth
Ans : (B)

22. 'El Nino effect' is closely associated with–
(A) Gulf current (B) Humboldt current (C) Equatorial counter current (D) Canaries current
Ans : (C)

23. If a bacterium cell divides in every 20 minutes, how many bacteria will be formed in two hours ?
(A) 4 (B) 16 (C) 8 (D) 64
Ans : (D)

24. The state of Jhansi was made a part of the British empire in India through the–
(A) Doctrine of Lapse (B) Policy of Subsidiary alliance
(C) War against Rani Lakshmi Bai (D) None of these
Ans : (A)

25. Pila globosa is used as biofilter in cleaning pollution of water by–
(A) Algal blooms (B) Mercury (C) Arsenic (D) Cadmium
Ans : (A)