Here are the top 20 interesting facts about Gujarat that you must know–

 1. Gujarat is a standout amongst the most prosperous conditions of the nation, having an every capita GDP 3.2 times India's normal.
2. On the off chance that it was a country, it would have been 67th wealthiest country on the planet above numerous European and Asian economies like China and Ukraine .
3. Gujarat is the highest producer of milk in India. Anand milk co-operative is Asia’s largest dairy.
4. The world's biggest ship breaking yard is up in Gujarat close Bhavnagar at Alang.
5. Gujarat positions first across the country in gas-based warm power era with national piece of the overall industry of in excess of 8% and second across the nation in atomic power era with national piece of the overall industry of in excess of 1%.
6. Ahmedabad is positioned second in Real Estate - Ahead of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai & Delhi. Third in Policy Initiatives - Ahead of Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai & Delhi. Fourth in Manpower - Ahead of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai.
7. Gujarat is the only habitat of Asiatic lions, and only natural home for lions outside Africa.
8. In excess of 35% of the share trading system abundance of India is with Gujarati People. Even when they form only 5% of India’s population.
9. The oil refinery at Jamnagar, in Gujarat, is the largest grass-roots refinery in the world. It is being operated by Reliance Petroleum Limited.
10. Compared to any other Indian state, Gujarat has the longest sea shore.
11. Gujarat is having the most noteworthy number of working airplane terminals in India (Total 17). Making it the only state in India to have maximum airports.
12. India's 16% of Investment originates from Gujarat.
13. Surat, in Gujarat, is one of the quickest developing urban communities on the planet. It is also the richest state of India, with annual household income of Rs.4,50,000.
14. Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, is the Greenest Capital City in entire Asia.
15. Gujarat is the most secure state in India, especially against women, the extent that the wrongdoing rate is concerned.
16. The historical backdrop of Gujarat goes once again to 3500 years. The Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization can be known from the archeological discoveries at Lothal close Dhandauka in Ahmedabad region and Razdi in Saurashtra.
17. The populace of Gujarat or the Gujaratis are known as an effective business group. A portion of the popular businesspeople and industrialists from this origin own inns and motels in California, run stores in Australia and New Zealand and daily paper stands in England.
18. Gujarat is a heaven for flying creature watchers and natural life aficionados. Deciduous backwoods, desert fields, prairies, wetlands and beachfront and marine areas have made Gujarat a standout amongst the most charming spot for fledgling viewing and natural life seeing.
19. There are around four national parks and twenty one untamed life asylums in Gujarat. National parks are the Marine National Park, Gir National Park, Indian Wild Ass Wildlife asylum, Velavadar National Park.
20. The world’s first pure vegetarian outlet of Dominos, Subway and Pizza Hut opened at Ahmedabad, in Gujarat.