Some Interesting facts about Delhi–

1. The city is based on the banks of river Yamuna. Delhi is a lovely mix of an authentic past and a lively present. In 1912, the capital moved from Calcutta to Delhi.
2. The whole open transport of the city runs on environment neighborly Compressed Natural Gas.
3. Delhi is ranked among the ‘top green cities’ in the world. It maintains an approx. 20% of green coverage.
4. Qutub Minar in Delhi is the world's tallest brick minaret.
5. The walled city of Delhi initially had fourteen doors. Five are even now standing. Here's the provenance behind their names. Ajmeri Gate: Facing Ajmer in Rajasthan; Lahori Gate: Facing Lahore in Pakistan. Kashmiri Gate: Pointing North to Kashmir. Delhi Gate: Road to prior urban areas of Delhi and Turkman Gate: Named after devout paragon of piety Hazrat Shah Turkam.
6. The Delhi ridge is World's Second largest bird-rich Capital city, after Nairobi in Kenya.
7. Otherwise called Bahai Temple, Lotus Temple is one of the finest created structures situated in Delhi.
8. At Feroze Shah Kotla in Delhi, one can spot the famous 27 tone Ashokan Pillar of 3rd Century B.C.
9. Delhi has an International Toilet museum.
10. The rail museum of Delhi boasts about steam-age massive engines.
11. Khari Baoli, in Delhi, is Asia's biggest wholesale spice business. Visitors across the world come here to take the Indian flavor in their lands.
12. Remarkable voyaging background is acknowledged in the city of Delhi beyond any doubt. Case in point, you get a genuinely English feeling kept up by the London drivers and that is of sitting to the right and afterward driving. Drivers sit on the right half of the auto.
13. Three-wheeled contraptions called Autos are an extraordinary approach to see the city over short separations.
14. The Delhi Metro Platform is made in such a path, to the point that visually impaired individuals can undoubtedly stroll on it without any assistance. The yellow tiles, with straight lines, serve as a pathway for the visually impaired and incapacitated individuals. They are spotted halfway on the stage, and lead straightforwardly to the lift, and afterward to the passageway. (The other yellow line with revolved around tiles, serves as a cautioning to not venture in front of that line.)
15. Delhi's DTC runs the world's biggest armada of environment-accommodating CNG transports and that is the motivation behind why it have won the United States Department of Energy's first 'Clean Cities International Partner of the Year' honor for ''strong endeavors to control air contamination and help option fuel activities'' in 2003. The DTC was once called the DTU or Delhi Transport Undertaking. In ahead of schedule 50s and 60s, no transport was permitted to convey more than its seating limit and another 12 standing travelers at the most. Now that it’s out in the open the whole open transport of the city runs on environment well-disposed Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
16. Azadpur, in Delhi, hosts Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market. Over 30,000 retail vendors depend on this market for their daily supplies.