Agra – Stoneware, leather, carpets and marbles.
Ahmedabad – Cotton-textiles.
Aligarh – Cutlery, locks and dairy-industries.
Ambala – Scientific goods.
Amritsar – Cloth-printing, carpets, woollen goods, shawls.
Bangalore – Watches, telephone, aircraft industry.
Bareilly – Rubber factory, match factory, wood work.
Bhagalpur – Silk.
Chennai – Integral coach factory, leather, cigarette, cotton.
Mumbai – Chemicals, oil refineries, fertilizers, film, industry, woollen goods, cotton manufacturing.
Chittaranjan – Electrical locomotives.
Churk – Cement.
Cochin – Coffee, coconut oil, ship-building.
Dalmianagar – Cement.
Darjeeling – Tea, orange.
Delhi – Textiles, chemicals, electronics, sewing machines.
Dhariwal – Woollen goods.
Ferozabad – Glass-bangles.
Hardwar – Heavy electricals.
Jamshedpur – Iron and steel works, train coaches locomotives.
Jallandhur – Sports articles and surgical goods.
Jaipur – Ivory work, brass work, jewellery, pottery, cloth painting.
Kolkata – Iron and steel, jute, paper, pottery.
Kanpur – Leather, cotton, aircraft factories, woollen mills, soap, iron, flour mills.
Kolar – Gold-fields.
Lucknow – Embroidery, gold, silver, lac work.
Ludhiana – Hosiery, cycle.
Mirzapur – Carpet, pottery, stoneware and brass.
Moradabad – Brassware, cutlery, enamel industry.
Karnataka – Sandalwood oil, ivory work, silk goods.
Renukoot – Hindustan Aluminium Works.
Saharanpur – Paper mill.
Srinagar – H.M.T. factory, woodwork, embroidery, paper machine, woollen shawls.
Surat – Cotton textiles.
Tarapur – Atomic power plant.
Titagarh – Paper and jute.
Trombay – Oil refineries, atomic-reactors.
Varanasi – Diesel-locomotives, brass-wares, lac bangles.
Vishakhapatnam – Ship-building.