1. Committee on decontrolling the prices of petrol and diesel was headed by–
(A) Kelkar Vijai (B) Kirit S. Parekh (C) Abhijit Sen (D) C. Rangrajan
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2. NABARD was established on the recommendation of–
(A) Public Account Committee (B) Shivaraman Committee
(C) Narsimham Committee (D) None of the above
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3. Which of the following state has been identified as a perfect banking state ensuring atleast one banking account per family in all the districts of the state?
(A) Haryana (B) Kerala (C) Gujarat (D) Andhra Pradesh
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4. ‘The main objective of TRYSEM was–
(A) To train rural youth for self-employment (B) To train urban youth for self-employment
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of the above
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5. The process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year is known as–
(A) Performance Budgeting (B) Deficit Budgeting
(C) Zero Based Budgeting (D) Fresh Budgeting
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6. Project ‘Sankalp’ is associated with the elimination of–
(A) Illiteracy (B) Polio
(C) Unemployment (D) AIDS/HIV
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7. Mobile Number Portability Service has been launched nation-wide w.e.f.–
(A) January 19, 2011 (B) January 20, 2011
(C) January 22, 2011 (D) January 25, 2011
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8. The headquarters of World Bank is situated at–
(A) Manila (B) Washington D.C. (C) New York (D) Geneva
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9. With which objective, Kisan Call Centre’s have been established?
(A) To ensure the supply of fertilizers to farmers on suitable rates
(B) Distribution of HYV seeds
(C) To provide agriculture credit at concessional rates
(D) To provide consultancy service related to agriculture
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10. National Stock Exchange has introduced a new share index in place of NSE-100 in April 1996. It is known as–
(A) NSE-200 (B) NSE-50 (C) NSE-20 (D) NSE-15
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11. Which of the following company has been ranked at the top in Forbes’ list of 2014 ‘Global 2000’ ?
(A) ICBC China (B) Google USA (C) Microsoft USA (D) Oracle USA
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12. Indian government has provided the facility of Visa on Arrival to tourists belonging to five nations. Which one of the following nations is not included in it ?
(A) Japan (B) England (C) Singapore (D) New Zealand
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13. Which of the following is not helpful in controlling money supply?
(A) Free Market Policy (B) CRR (C) Bank Rate (D) Change in margin requirement
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14. Which of the following state became the first state to intro-duce Public Service Guarantee Act 2010 ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Gujarat (C) Bihar (D) Haryana
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15. What is ‘Zero Base Budgeting’ ?
(A) Infinite deficit financing (B) No curtailment in unproductive expenditure
(C) No appraisal of new programmes (D) Preparation of new budget every time
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16. As per the latest data released by the Union Ministry of Finance, the total foreign debt in India at’ end-December 2013 stood at–
(A) $ 386 billion (B) $ 403 billion (C) $ 426 billion (D) $ 476 billion
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17. Under Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Programme (PMIUPEP) those urban areas were included which had a population–
(A) Upto 50,000 (B) Between 50,000 and 1 lakh
(C) Between 50,000 to 5lakh (D) None of the above
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18. National Food Security Ordinance ensures the supply of wheat and rice at–
(A) Rs. 3 and Rs. 2 respectively (B) Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 respectively
(C) Rs. 2 and Rs. 4 respectively (D) Rs. 1 and Rs. 2 respectively
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19. What is ‘Mercosur’ ?
(A) A programme of World Bank for accelerating development work in backward countries
(B) Free Trade Zone of nations of South America
(C) A treaty between Iran and Iraq
(D) A treaty between India and Nepal for trade
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20. The headquarter of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Countries) is at–
(A) Viena (B) Kuwait City (C) Algeria (D) Tehran
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21. Since January 1, 2011 a new country Estonia has joined ‘Euro Zone’. Now the number of countries having Euro as their official currency goes to–
(A) 15 (B) 16 (C) 17 (D) 18
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22. Amochu Hydro Power Project is being set by NTPC in–
(A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Sikkim (C) Bhutan (D) Nepal
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23. Out of total expenditure as shown in regular budget 2014-15, the maximum share goes to–
(A) Central Plan Outlay (B) Subsidy Payment
(C) Interest Payment (D) Defence
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24. The Euro Zone has increased its membership with the addition of one member as on January 1, 2011. Which is this country ?
(A) Latvia (B) Lithuania (C) Estonia (D) Cyprus
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25. ‘New Silk Route’ is a rail route which links China with the European Country–
(A) France (B) Italy (C) Germany (D) None of the above
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26. In February 2014, Ennore Port in Tamil Nadu was re-named as–
(A) Rajeev Gandhi Port (B) Kamrajar Port
(C) MG Ram Chandran Port (D) Indira Gandhi Port
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27. Which of the rate is not determined by Reserve Bank of India?
(A) Bank Rate (B) CRR (C) SLR (D) PLR
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28. In which country, world’s highest civilian Airport has recently become operational ?
(A) Mexico (B) China (C) India (D) America
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29. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor is being established in India with the financial and technical support of–
(A) Russia (B) South Korea (C) Japan (D) Canada
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30. Nuclear Energy Plant III Kudankulm Tamil Nadu is being set up with the assistance of–
(A) Russia (B) America (C) Japan (D) Germany
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