1. Aam Admi Bima Yojana provides social security to–
(A) All labours in rural areas (B) All landless labours living below poverty line in rural areas
(C) All labours in urban areas (D) All labours in both rural as well as urban areas
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2. According to 2011 census urban-rural population ratio was about–
(A) 35 : 65 (B) 32 : 68 (C) 28 : 72 (D) 31 : 69
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3.  A global organization Transparency International presents Corruption Perception Index for 177 countries in the world on the basis of their corruption levels. In this list India has been placed at–
(A) 89th rank (B) 92nd rank (C) 94th rank (D) 96th rank
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4. Central Issue price of foodgrains under TPDS includes price for BPL and APL (below poverty line and above poverty line). What is the difference between the two?
(A) Price for APL is double of BPL price (B) Price for BPL is one-third of APL price
(C) Difference of Rs. 500 per Qt. (D) Difference of Rs. 250 per Qt.
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5. Government has issued an ordinance announcing ULIPs as ‘Insurance Product’. The regulations of ULIPs will now be done by–
(A) SEBI only (B) IRDA only (C) Both SEBI and IRDA (D) Government itself
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6. In its latest move, CSO has shifted the base year for national income estimates–
(A) From 1990-91 to 1999-2000 (B) From 1993-94 to 2004-2005
(C) From 2000-01 to 2004-05 (D) From 1999-2000 to 2004-05
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7. The government is preparing Devolution Index which will measure social empowerment of people at the–
(A) Panchayat level (B) Block level (C) District level (D) State level
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8. According to the latest amendment in Banking Regulation Act, nationalised bank can release a share of total paid up capital upto a maximum ceiling of–
(A) 40% (B) 49% (C) 51% (D) 100%
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9. Which tax is collected by Panchayat?
(A) Sales Tax (B) Custom Duty (C) Land Revenue (D) Tax on local fairs
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10. Russia and Vanuatu are the two new members of World Trade Organisation. With these two nations, the total member nations in WTO have become–
(A) 156 (B) 157 (C) 158 (D) 159
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11. Government has constituted a study group for Common Tax Code (CTC) headed by M. K. Gupta will cover–
(A) Custom Duty and Excise Duty (B) Excise Duty and Service Tax
(C) Excise Duty, Custom Duty and Service Tax (D) All Indirect Taxes
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12. Rs. 20 and above value notes are printed in–
(A) Currency Note Press, Nasik Road (B) Bank Note Press, Dewas
(C) Security Printing Press, Hyderabad (D) All of the above
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13. Which of the following committee has proposed to abolish distinction between Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure?
(A) Suresh Tendulkar Committee (B) Rangrajan Committee
(C) Rakesh Mohan Committee (D) Usha Thorat Committee
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14. TRIPS- ‘Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights’ and TRIMS-‘Trade Related Investment Measures’ are associated with–
(A) Preston Proposal (B) Dunkel Proposal (C) Chelliah Committee (D) None of the above
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15. WTO’s Global Trade Outlook 2014 has upgraded the trade forecast for 2014–
(A) from 3.2% to 3.8% (B) from 3.8% to 4.5%
(C) from 4.5% to 4.7% (D) from 4.6% to 4.9%
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16. Union Government has decided to launch ‘National Urban Aajeevika Mission’ in 2013-14 for poverty alleviation, in urban areas. This programme will replace–
(A) Nehru Rojgar Yojana (B) Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana
(C) Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yojana (D) None of the above
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17. Which country stands at the top in Human Development Index (HDI) rankings of 187 nations in Human Development Report 2014 ?
(A) Norway (B) Australia
(C) New Zealand (D) United States
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18. At end-June 2014, the teledensity in Urban areas of the country was about–
(A) 75 (B) 100 (C) 125 (D) 146
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19. The difference between GDP and NDP is–
(A) Government revenue (B) Net Indirect Tax (Indirect Tax Subsidy)
(C) Consumption of fixed capital (D) Net capital formation
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20. Government has released a document signifying the road map of Socio-economic development of North-East States. This document is known as–
(A) Vision 2020 (B) Vision 2015 (C) Vision 2012 (D) Vision 2010
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21. ‘Rail Neer’ was introduced in the railway budget of the year–
(A) 2002-03 (B) 2001-02 (C) 2000-01 (D) 1999-2000
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22. The government has imposed duty on crude edible oil to protect domestic farmers–
(A) 2.5% (B) 5.0% (C) 7.5% (D) 10.0%
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23.Which statement is true for Gold Bond Scheme?
(A) Minimum limit of gold deposit is 500 gm (B) No upper limit of gold deposit
(C) No investigation of source of deposited gold (D) All of the above
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24. As per RBI Monetary and Credit Policy (August 5, 2014) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and repo rate stood at–
(A) 3.75% and 8.0% respectively (B) 3.75% and 8.25% respectively
(C) 4.0% and 8.0% respectively (D) 4.0% and 8.25% respectively
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25. Who is the Chairman of Tax Administration Reform Commission, constituted by the Union Government?
(A) Y.B. Reddy (B) C. Rangarajan (C) Parth Sarathy Shorn (D) Urjit Patel
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26. To provide houses at low prices, an industrial group has launched ‘Shubh Grah Pariyojana’. This industrial house is–
(A) Tata Group (B) Birla Group (C) Reliance Group (D) Sahara Group
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27. How many nations get the facility to get ‘Visa on Arrival’ in India?
(A) 5 (B) 7 (C) 9 (D) 11
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28. The MSP of rapeseed/mustard for rabi crop 2013-14 season (to be marketed in 2014-15) has been increased by Rs. 50 per quintal and fixed at–
(A) Rs. 2950 per quintal (B) Rs. 3050 per quintal
(C) Rs. 3150 per quintal (D) Rs. 3200 per quintal
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29. The Effective male Literacy rate in India in Census 2011 worked out to 80.9%. In rural and urban areas, this rate stood at–
(A) 68.9% and 72.3% respectively (B) 77.2% and 88.8% respectively
(C) 80.0% and 86.3% respectively (D) 69.3% and 82-4% respectively
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30. Government has extended EPCG scheme of importing machine equipments at zero duty till–
(A) April 1, 2011 (B) March 31, 2012 (C) March 31, 2013 (D) March 31, 2014
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