1. India’s total merchandise trade to GDP ratio was 21.8% in 2000-01 which in 2013-14 became–
(A) 38.7% (B) 44.1% (C) 46.3% (D) 50.8%
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2. CENVAT is related to–
(A) Sales Tax (B) Excise Duty (C) Custom Duty (D) Service Tax
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3. Which day has been declared as ‘Balika Diwas’ (Girl Day) by the Ministry of Woman and Children Development?
(A) April 5, every year (B) July 9, every year
(C) October 9, every year (D) December 9, every year
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4. In census data 2011, which of the following state holds the maximum rural population in the country?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Bihar (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Andhra Pradesh
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5. Devaluation means–
(A) To reduce the value of home currency in other currency (B) To appreciate the value of home currency
(C) To issue new currency in place of old currency (D) None of the above
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6. Which of the following state constitutes the maximum pro-portion of rural population in the Census 2011 data ?
(A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Bihar (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Uttar Pradesh
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7. What is ‘Stagflation’?
(A) Inflation with growth (B) Deflation with growth
(C) Inflation after deflations (D) Inflation with depression
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8. Which Indian plan achieved high growth rate as compared to targeted growth-rate?
(A) Fifth Plan (B) Fourth Plan (C) Second Plan (D) Eighth Plan
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9. National Income in India is estimated by–
(A) Planning Commission (B) Finance Commission
(C) Indian Statistical Institute (D) Central Statistical Organisation
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10. Population density means –
(A) No. of persons living per sq. km (B) No. of persons living per km
(C) Ratio of population living below poverty line to total population (D) No. of persons in a village
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11. The newly introduced income tax return form ‘Sugam’ is for–
(A) Salaried class (B) Senior Citizen (C) Women Tax payee (D) Small Businessman
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12. Special Economic Zone Act 2005 was passed by Parliament in May 2005. This Act came into force w.e.f.–
(A) January 10, 2006 (B) February 10, 2006 (C) June 23, 2006 (D) July 1, 2006
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13. Which of the following took the decision of establishing ‘South Asian Development Fund’ ?
(A) ADB (B) World Bank (C) SAARC (D) IMF
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14. World Environment Day is celebrated on–
(A) June 5 (B) June 9 (C) June 11 (D) June 13
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15. What is ‘RuPay’ ?
(A) New Currency of RBI (B) Card Payment Network
(C) New name of credit cards of Banks (D) Credit card for Farmers
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16. Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, the RBI issues directives to the banks of India?
(A) RBI Act (B) RBI Regulation Act
(C) Essential Commodity Act (D) RBI & Banking Regulation Act
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17. ‘Aasha Home Loan Service’ has been launched on April 2, 2014 by–
(A) AXIS Bank (B) ICICI Bank
(C) HDFC Bank (D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
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18. As on August 5, 2014, Reverse Repo Rate stood at–
(A) 7.25% (B) 7.50% (C) 7.75% (D) 7.0%
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19. In Census 2011 data, the proportion of scheduled tribes population in country’s total population stands at–
(A) 7.5% (B) 8.1 % (C) 8.6% (D) 9.3%
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20. The Work Participation Rate (WPR) for the country in Census 2011 has been worked out at–
(A) 39.8% (B) 42.3% (C) 43.6% (D) 45.2%
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21. At end-December 2013, short-term debt in country’s total external debt accounted for–
(A) 22.4% (B) 23.7% (C) 27.8% (D) 29.2%
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22. Which revenue earned by the Union Government is not distributed among State Government?
(A) Income Tax (B) Excise Duty (C) Custom Duty (D) None of the above
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23. CENV AT is related to–
(A) Sales Tax (B) Excise Duty (C) Customs Duty (D) Service Tax
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24. On the lines of ‘Palace on Wheels’, a new train ‘Deccan Odyssey’ is operated in the State–
(A) Tamil Nadu, Karnataka (B) Maharashtra, Goa
(C) Karnataka, Kerala (D) Kerala, Tamil Nadu
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25. As per latest estimates of Planning Commission the attained average annual growth during 11th plan remained–
(A) 6.0% (B) 6.9% (C) 7.9% (D) 8.5%
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26. Which of the following train at present covers the maximum distance on its route?
(A) Himsagar Express (B) Vivek Express (C) Himgiri Express (D) Hawarah-Jammu Tawi Exp.
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27. On the basis of Gross Domestic Product, which one is the largest economy of the world ?
(A) USA (B) China (C) Germany (D) Japan
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28. World Statistics Day is celebrated on–
(A) October 12 (B) October 17
(C) October 20 (D) October 26
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29. Which of the following Union Territory has the maximum poverty ratio?
(A) Dadra and Nagar Haveli (B) Chandigarh
(C) Andaman & Nichobar (D) Lakshadweep
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30. Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) is a new index being/to be included in–
(A) World Human Report (B) Human Development Report
(C) World Development Report (D) India’s Human Development Report
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