1. Tarapore Committee had submitted its report on “Full Convertibility on Rupee” on–
(A) Current account (B) Capital account
(C) Both in current as well as in capital account (D) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)
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2. The new RBI Governor is–
(A) Arvind Mayaram (B) Raghuram Rajan
(C) Montek Singh Ahluwaliah (D) Kaushik Basu
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3. According to the final data of Census 2011 the total population at 0.00 hrs. of March 1, 2011 stood at–
(A) 1209.6 million (B) 1210.2 million (C) 1210.6 million (D) 1211.2 million
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4. Government has decided to amend EPF Act (Employee Provident Fund Act) to make it applicable also to those institutions which has minimum number of?
(A) 5 employees (B) 10 employees (C) 12 employees (D) 15 employees
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5. In the finally approved documents of 12th plan (2012-17) the annual growth-rate in agriculture, forestry and fisheries has been targeted at–
(A) 3.5% (B) 3.8% (C) 4.0% (D) 4.2%
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6. NABARD was established in–
(A) Fourth Plan (B) Fifth Plan (C) Sixth Plan (D) Eighth Plan
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7. Which of the following state shows the fastest growth in expanding Micro Finance business in the country?
(A) Gujarat (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Maharashtra (D) Kamataka
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8, The aim of Differentiated Interest Scheme was to provide conces-sional loans to–
(A) Weaker Section of Society (B) Public Sector Industries
(C) Public Limited Companies (D) Big Exporters
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9. Lahiri committee was associated with–
(A) Industrial Sickness (B) Minimum Support Prices of Agriculture Products
(C) Price Structure of Edible Oil (D) Handicraft Exports
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10. Plan expenditure in India is met by–
(A) Internal debt and other resources (B) Assistance from Aid India Club
(C) Assistance from IMF (D) Assistance from OECD countries
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11. Narsimham committee recommended to make banking structure of the country–
(A) Two tier (B) Three tier (C) Four tier (D) Five tier
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2. At present what is the RBI’s share in NABARD equity?
(A) 99 per cent (B) 51 per cent (C) 49 per cent (D) 1 per cent
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13. Railway freight was hiked w.e.f. June 25, 2014 with the rate–
(A) 5.6% (B) 6.5% (C) 7.8% (D) 8.5%
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14. To which of the following sector, Khandelwal Committee is associated with?
(A) Banking (B) Insurance (C) Telecommunication (D) Aviation
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15. Which of the following is not a member of SAARC ?
(A) Nepal (B) Pakistan (C) Bangladesh (D) Myanmar
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16. Shankerlal Guru Committee was associated with–
(A) Agricultural Marketing (B) Agriculture Production 
(C) Public Distribution System (D) None of the above
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17. 12th plan document paper puts the manufacturing growth target at–
(A) 7.6% p.a. (B) 8.6% p.a. (C) 10% p.a. (D) 10.6% p.a.
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18. Document Paper of 12th plan (2012-17) targets country’s GDP growth at 8.2% later on it was scaled down to–
(A) 8.0% p.a. (B) 8.5% p.a. (C) 9.0% p.a. (D) 9.5% p.a.
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19. United Nations Organisation-(UNO) has declared to celebrate 2012 as–
(A) Year of Co-operatives (B ) Year of Banking
(C) Year of Global Recovery (D) Year of Prosperity
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20. Which state uses the maximum area for producing coffee ?
(A) Karnataka (B) Gujarat (C) Rajasthan (D) Tamil Nadu
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21. At end-December 2013, the ratio of concessional debt to total external debt stood at–
(A) 10.4% (B) 10.6% (C) 11.0% (D) 11.5%
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22. What is open sky scheme?
(A) Export promotion scheme of Civil Aviation Ministry (B) Free economy policy
(C) Tax free policy (D) None of the above
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23. ‘CRISIL–
(A) Evaluates the credit documents of a company (B) Provides financial assistance to industries
(C) Provides finances for rural areas (D) Promotes exports
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24. India has signed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with Japan. This agreement has become effective since–
(A) July 15, 2011 (B) August 1, 2011
(C) August 15, 2011 (D) August 30, 2011
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25. The estimated fiscal deficit for the year 2014-15 as shown in Budget 2014-15 stands at–
(A) 4.8% of GDP (B) 5.1% of GDP
(C) 5.3% of GDP (D) 5.5% of GDP
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26. Joint SAARC University of eight SAARC nations will be established in–
(A) New Delhi (India) (B) Male (Maldives)
(C) Colombo (Sri Lanka) (D) Dhaka (Bangladesh)
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27. At the end-December 2013, the total external debt as percentage of GDP has been estimated at–
(A) 20.1 % (B) 21.8% (C) 23.3% (D) 24.2%
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28. The trade deficit during April-March 2013-14 in Indian economy stood at–
(A) $ 123.053 billion (B) $ 128.086 billion
(C) $ 132.032 billion (D) $ 138.594 billion
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29. RBI has decided to release ‘Plastic Notes’ in circulation. The first such series to be circulated will be of–
(A) Rs. 5 notes (B) Rs. 10 notes (C) Both Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 notes (D) None of the above
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30. Which of the following state has the least poverty ratio in the country ?
(A) Goa (B) Kerala (C) Himanchal Pradesh (D) Punjab
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