1. Which Committee recommended abolition of tax rebates under section 88 ?
(A) Chelliah Committee (B) Kelkar Committee
(C) Shome Committee (D) None of the above
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2. Which of the following country is not the member of European Union?
(A) Switzerland (B) Malta (C) The Czech Republic (D) Poland
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3. The ‘Ad hoc Treasury Bill System’ of meeting budget deficit in India was replaced by ‘Ways and Means Advances System’ which has come into force on–
(A) March 31, 1997 (B) April 1, 1996 (C) April 1, 1997 (D) None of the above
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4. The recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission has become operational for the period–
(A) 2009-14 (B) 2010-15 (C) 2011-16 (D) None of the above
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5. The new Share Price Index (in dollar value) of Mumbai Share Market is–
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6. BCCI is–
(A) An International Terrorist Organisation (B) An International Industrial Organisation
(C) A Movement for Inter-national Peace (D) An International Banking Organisation
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7. Which Union Territory ensured Lowest Population in 2001 census?
(A) Delhi (B) Chandigarh (C) Puducherry (D) Lakshadweep
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8. Which of the following regulates the working of share market in India?
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9. Which of the following committee is associated with the working on ‘future trading’ effect on retail and wholesale prices of agriculture products?
(A) Tendulkar Committee (B) Abhijit Sen Committee
(C) Rakesh Mohan Committee (D) Y. K. Alagh Committee
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10. Which day is celebrated as ‘National Excise Duty Day’ ?
(A) 26th January (B) 24th February (C) 14th April (D) 10th June
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11. The headquarters of SIDBI is in–
(A) Lucknow (B) New Delhi (C) Mumbai (D) Bengaluru
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12. LIC of India was established in–
(A) 1897 (B) 1950 (C) 1956 (D) 1965
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13. Which Bank is limited to the needs of agriculture and rural finance?
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14. ‘Golden Handshake Scheme’ is associated with–
(A) Inviting foreign companies (B) Private investment in public enterprises
(C) Establishing joint enterprises (D) Voluntary retirement
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15. Port Blair port has been included in the club of major ports which makes the number of major ports in the country to–
(A) 11 (B) 12 (C) 13 (D) 14
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16. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 ensures for how many days of employment in a year in rural areas?
(A) 365 days (B) At least 200 days (C) 150 days (D) 100 days
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17. According to World Bank’s report in the list of nations having maximum foreign exchange remittances from its migratory work force, the first and second ranks have been obtained by–
(A) China and India respectively (B) India and China respectively
(C) India and Mexico respectively (D) Philippines and India respectively
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18. First Export Promotion Zone (EPZ) in private sector was established at–
(A) Kandla (B) Vishakhapattnam (C) Noida (D) Surat
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19. IRDA is associated with–
(A) Railways (B) Insurance Sector (C) Telecommunication (D) Banking
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20. Tata Hydro Electric Project is a joint enterprise of India and–
(A) Nepal (B) Maldeev (C) Bhutan (D) Bangladesh
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21. Kasturba Gandhi Valika Vidya-laya Scheme is related to–
(A) Girl education (B) Adult education
(C) Child Labour education (D) Tribal women (above 18 years)
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22. ‘Earn while you learn’ scheme has been launched by–
(A) Ministry of Human Resource (B) Ministry of Tourism
(C) Ministry of Rural Development (D) Ministry of Youth
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23. As per the Economic Census 2014 what percentage of total installed enterprises in India are situated in rural areas?
(A) 59.90/0 (B) 38.70/0 (C) 42.60/0 (D) 57.40/0
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24. RBI has introduced Inflation Indexed Bonds which have the locking period of–
(A) 5 years (B) 10 years (C) 15 years (D) 20 years
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25. Maastricht Treaty is related to–
(A) Environment Protection (B) Europe Unification
(C) Limitation of Atomic Power (D) Unification of East, and West Germany
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26. In which state Deen Dayal Employment Scheme has been launched?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Rajasthan (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Haryana
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27. Tilaiya Ultra Mega Power Project has been bagged by–
(A) Anil Ambani Group (B) Mukesh Ambani Group
(C) Tata Group (D) None of the above
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28. Which Road Transport Corporation has introduced AWATAR (Any Where Any Time Advance Reservation) scheme?
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Karnataka (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Maharashtra
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29. Ministry of Health has launched a more named “Tears You Apart” which is associated with–
(A) Control of Tobacco consumption (B) Control of liquor consumption
(C) Saving from AIDS (D) Controlling female abortion
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30. Which of the following company holds the highest share in India’s GSM mobile service market?
(A) Idea (B) Vodafone (C) Airtel (D) BSNL
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