1. The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC is—
(A) Secretary of Finance Ministry (B) General Secretary of Lok Sabha
(C) Secretary of Planning Commission (D) Vice Chairman of Planning Commission
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2. In National Mineral Policy (1993) which mineral was allowed for having investment from private sector—
(A) Coal (B) Iron (C) Gold (D) Platinum
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3. Ministry of HRD has announced to hike FDI limit in Education to—
(A) 65% (B) 70% (C) 75% (D) 100%
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4. ‘Pure Banking, Nothing Else’ is a slogan raised by—
(A) ICICI Bank (B) HDFC Bank (C) SBI (D) UTI Bank
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5. NABARD was established in—
(A) Fourth Plan (B) Fifth Plan (C) Sixth Plan (D) Eighth Plan
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6. Devaluation means—
(A) To reduce the value of home currency in other currency (B) To appreciate the value of home currency
(C) To issue new currency in place of old currency (D) None of these
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7. Which plan was suspended one year before the time schedule ?
(A) First Plan (1951–56) (B) Third Plan (1966–71)
(C) Sixth Plan (1980–85) (D) Fifth Plan (1974–79)
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8. The headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is at—
(A) Singapore (B) Manila (C) Hong Kong (D) Tokyo
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9. The process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year is known as—
(A) Performance Budgeting (B) Deficit Budgeting
(C) Zero Based Budgeting (D) Fresh Budgeting
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10. Which of the following is not the member of EEC ?
(A) Poland (B) Germany (C) Italy (D) U.K.
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11. National Stock Exchange has introduced a new share index in place of NSE-100 in April 1996. It is known as—
(A) NSE-200 (B) NSE-50 (C) NSE-20 (D) NSE-15
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12. ‘Open market operation’ is a part of—
(A) Income Policy (B) Fiscal Policy
(C) Credit Policy (D) Labour Policy
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13. Central Revenue Board was divided into ‘Central Excise and Custom Duty Board’ and ‘Central Direct Tax Board’ in—
(A) 1950 (B) 1958 (C) 1963 (D) 1975
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14. Which direct tax among the followings gives maximum net revenue to the Government ?
(A) Corporate Tax (B) Income Tax (C) Wealth Tax (D) Gift Tax
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15. The first public sector bank in India which obtained license for Internet Banking from RBI is—
(A) Punjab National Bank (B) Oriental Bank of Commerce
(C) Corporation Bank (D) State Bank of India
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16. Which types of tax helps in reducing disparities of income ?
(A) Proportionate tax (B) Progressive tax
(C) Regressive tax (D) All of these
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17. CONCORD of 8 states of Northern region is a scheme of—
(A) FICCI (B) ASSOCHAM (C) CII (D) A joint scheme of all the above
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18. Fiscal Deficit means—
(A) Public Expenditure —Debts froms sources other than RBI
(B) Public Capital Expenditure —Surplus of Revenue Account
(C) Govt. Expenditure —Revenue receipts
(D) Public Expenditure —Tax and non-tax revenue receipts
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19. Under Lead Bank Scheme lead banks were asked to adopt—
(A) Village (B) Town (C) District (D) State
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20. Which of the following is a group of Kharif crops ?
(A) Jwar, Bajra, Rice, Cotton, Jute, Gram
(B) Wheat, Barley, Gram, Sesame
(C) Rice, Millet, Maize, Cotton
(D) Groundnut, Bajra, Barley, Gram, Sesame
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21. In Sugar Production in the world India is placed at—
(A) First rank (B) Second rank
(C) Third rank (D) Fourth rank
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22. The country producing the maximum silk in the world is—
(A) India (B) China (C) Japan (D) South Korea
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23. The leading Indian company in field of M-cap is—
(A) ONGC (B) Indian Oil
(C) Reliance Industries Ltd. (D) State Bank of India
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24. Which country produces maximum tea in the world ?
(A) India (B) China (C) Sri Lanka (D) Japan
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25. Which States produces maximum pulses in the country ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Uttar Pradesh (C) Odisha (D) Maharashtra
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26. What percentage of country’s demand for natural rubber is met by indigenous production ?
(A) 80% (B) 86% (C) 97% (D) 100%
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27. CENVAT is related to—
(A) Sales Tax (B) Excise Duty
(C) Customs Duty (D) Service Tax
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28. CENVAT is associated with—
(A) Rate of Indirect Tax (B) Rate of Income Tax
(C) Rate of Direct Tax (D) None of the above
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29. ‘Aam Admi Bima Yojana’ is an insurance scheme for rural landless households introduced by—
(A) National Insurance Co. (B) Life Insurance Co.
(C) UTI (D) ICICI Life Prudential Co.
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30. Punjab National Bank has started its first ‘Micro Finance Branch’ in—
(A) New Delhi (B) Gurgaon (C) Hyderabad (D) Bangalore
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