1. Which Committee recommended abolition of tax rebates under section 88 ?
(A) Chelliah Committee (B) Kelkar Committee
(C) Shome Committee (D) None of the above
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2. Which of the following countries is not the members of European Union ?
(A) Switzerland (B) Malta (C) The Czeck Republic (D) Poland
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3. The rate at which banks lend to RBI is known as—
(A) Bank Rate (B) Repo Rate (C) Reverse Repo Rate (D) Interest Rate
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4. Which committee recommended tax on Agriculture Holdings ?
(A) Bhootlingam Committee (B) Wanchoo Committee
(C) Raj Committee (D) None of these
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5. The State having the highest literacy rate among woman in India is—
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Kerala (C) West Bengal (D) Maharashtra
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6. IRDP was introduced in the year—
(A) 1978-79 (B) 1979-80 (C) 1980-81 (D) 1981-82
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7. ‘Focus Product’ and ‘Focus’ Market’ are the two schemes introduced related to—
(A) Industrial Diversification (B) Technology Upgradation
(C) Export Promotion (D) Control of Inflation
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8. To which community/organization maximum goods are exported from India ?
(A) EEC (B) Commonwealth nation (C) SAFTA (D) OPEC
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9. Nirmal Gram Puraskar is associated with—
(A) Rural Drinking Water (B) Enlarging Forests
(C) Elementary Education (D) Total Sanitation Campaign
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10. Which of the following controls the working of share market in India ?
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11. Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the multipurpose project of—
(A) Maharashtra State (B) Gujarat State (C) Odisha State (D) Tamil Nadu
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12. The nationalisation of the major commercial banks took place in—
(A) 1947 (B) 1956 (C) 1969 (D) 1980
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13. LIC of India was established in—
(A) 1897 (B) 1950 (C) 1956 (D) 1965
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14. Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) was implemented in—
(A) 1985 (B) 1986 (C) 1987 (D) 1988
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15. SITTDEC—‘South Investment Trade and Technology Data Exchange Centre’ is a scheme of—
(A) SAARC (B) ASIAN (C) G-7 (D) G-15
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16. Scheduled Bank is that bank which is—
(A) Nationalised (B) Not nationalised
(C) Based at foreign country (D) Included in the second schedule of RBI
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17. Which of the following is not helpful in controlling money supply ?
(A) Free Market Policy (B) CRR (C) Bank Rate (D) Change in margin requirement
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18. The revenue of custom duty goes to—
(A) Only to State (B) Only to Centre
(C) To both (A) and (B) (D) RBI
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19. Which sector contributes the highest share in Gross Domestic Savings ?
(A) Domestic Sector (B) Public Sector
(C) Government Sector (D) Private Corporate Sector
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20. What is ‘Zero Base Budgeting’ ?
(A) Infinite deficit financing (B) No curtailment in unproductive expenditure
(C) No appraisal of new programmes (D) Preparation of new budget every time
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21. IMF is the result of—
(A) Hawana conference (B) Rome conference
(C) Brettonwood conference (D) Geneva conference
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22. Primary gold is a gold of—
(A) 20 carat (B) 22 carat (C) 23 carat (D) 24 carat
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23. Which of the following is a Kharif crop ?
(A) Wheat (B) Maize (C) Gram (D) Barley
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24. The difference between GDP and NDP is—
(A) Government revenue (B) Net Indirect Tax (Indirect Tax Subsidy)
(C) Consumption of fixed capital (D) Net capital formation
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25. National Sample Survey (NSS) was established in—
(A) 1950 (B) 1951 (C) 1952 (D) 1947
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26. In which fuel, the government has decided to mix ‘marker’ for identifying adulteration ?
(A) Kerosene (B) Diesel (C) Petrol (D) All of these
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27. In which state, Punjab National Bank has installed the first Biometric ATM ?
(A) Rajasthan (B) Delhi (C) Haryana (D) Uttar Pradesh
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28. In the first phase, the import of modern coaches of Delhi Metro Rail has been made from—
(A) Japan (B) Britain (C) Philippines (D) South Korea
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29. Maastricht Treaty is related to—
(A) Environment Protectionc (B) Europe Unification
(C) Limitation of Atomic Power (D) Unification of East and West Germany
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30. Which of the following company has left the membership of OPEC ?
(A) Indonesia (B) Iraq (C) UAE (D) Angola
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