1. SEBI is a—
(A) Statutory body (B) Advisory body
(C) Constitutional body (D) Non-statutory body
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2. When was the SAARC established ?
(A) On December 8, 1984 (B) On January 1, 1984
(C) On December 8, 1985 (D) On January 1, 1985
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3. Which day has been declared as ‘Balika Diwas’ (Girl Day) by the Ministry of Woman and Children Development ?
(A) April 5, every year (B) July 9, every year
(C) October 9, every year (D) December 9, every year
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4. Rural women can avail the benefit of Mahila Samriddhi Yojana if they open their account in—
(A) Rural Post Offices (B) Commercial Banks
(C) Rural Development Bank (D) Any of the above
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5. Interest Rate Policy is a part of—
(A) Fiscal Policy (B) Industrial Policy
(C) Monetary Policy (D) None of these
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6. The basis of determining dearness allowance to employees in India is—
(A) National Income (B) Consumer Price Index
(C) Standard of Living (D) Per Capita Income
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7. The process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year is known as—
(A) Performance Budgeting (B) Deficit Budgeting
(C) Zero Based Budgeting (D) Fresh Budgeting
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8. Project ‘Sankalp’ is associated with the elimination of—
(A) Illiteracy (B) Polio (C) Unemployment (D) AIDS/HIV
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9. The headquarters of World Bank is situated at—
(A) Manila (B) Washington D.C. (C) New York (D) Geneva
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10. VAT has been implemented in India in—
(A) All the States (B) All the States except U.P.
(C) Only in few States (D) Most of the States
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11. Which of the following Committee has suggested to raise the prices of petrol and diesel every month ?
(A) Rangrajan Committee (B) Chaturvedi Committee
(C) Tendulkar Committee (D) Y. B. Reddy Committee
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12. SDR is the currency of IMF which is in the form of—
(A) Paper currency (B) Gold
(C) Silver and gold both (D) Book-keeping entry only
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13. Which state government decided to allow contract farming in the state ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Punjab (D) Rajasthan
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14. The headquarters of SIDBI is in—
(A) Lucknow (B) New Delhi (C) Mumbai (D) Bangalore
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15. Which country has the maximum broad band subscribers in the world ?
(A) USA (B) China (C) Japan (D) France
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16. At present the number of member nations of BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) is—
(A) 3 (B) 5 (C) 7 (D) 9
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17. Which of the following city will be the first city in India to have a second underground railway corridor ?
(A) New Delhi (B) Kolkata (C) Mumbai (D) Chennai
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18. Which bank in India became the first bank to open its branch in China ?
(A) IDBI Bank (B) HDFC Bank (C) State Bank of India (D) Punjab National Bank
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19. Income Tax in India was introduced by—
(A) Sir Charles Wood (B) Lord Macaule
(C) James Wilson (D) William Jones
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20. Which industry group has the highest outstanding amount in non-small scale sector in India ?
(A) Textile industry (B) Engineering industry
(C) Sugar industry (D) Iron industry
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21. In broad sense the objective of Indian Planning is—
(A) To accelerate industrial production (B) To increase national income
(C) To create and increase employment opportunities (D) To ensure growth with justice
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22. The apex organisation of industrial finance in India is—
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23. Which one is the leading state in the production of groundnut ?
(A) Haryana (B) Gujarat (C) Rajasthan (D) Uttar Pradesh
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24. Which state uses the maximum area for producing coffee ?
(A) Karnataka (B) Gujarat (C) Rajasthan (D) Tamil Nadu
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25. Railway Budget in India was separated from general budget in—
(A) 1924-25 (B) 1941-42 (C) 1947-48 (D) 1950-51
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26. Which is true for ‘Indian Tourism Development Corporation’ ?
(A) It is a public sector enterprise (B) It was constituted in 1966
(C) It constructs and manages Hotels and Restaurants at various parts of country (D) All of these
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27. In which stock exchange, ‘currency futures’ trading was first started ?
(A) BSE (B) NSE (C) MCX-SX (D) All the above had the trading simultaneously
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28. Which Indian city has the highest population ?
(A) Kolkata (B) Mumbai (C) New Delhi (D) Chennai
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29. ‘SAPTA’ is related to—
(A) Education (B) Trade (C) Security (D) Environment
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30. National Income estimates in India is prepared by—
(A) Planning Commission (B) RBI (C) Finance Ministry (D) C.S.O.
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