Some Important Facts and Basic General Knowledge of Human Body–

Length of alimentary canal

Approximately 8 meters
BMR (Basal metabolic rate) 1600 K. Cal/day
Number of cells in body 75 trillion
Longest bone Femur (Thigh bone)
Smallest bone Ear ossicle, stapes
Weight of brain 1400 gms
Blood volume 6.8 liters (in 70 kg body)
Normal B. P. 120/80 mm Hg
Number of R.B.C. (a) In male: 4.5 – 5.0 million/cubic mm
(b) In female: 4.0 – 4.5 million/cubic mm
Life span of R.B.C. 120 days
Normal W.B.C. count 5000 – 1000/cubic mm
Life span of W.B.C 3-4 days
D.L.C. (Differential leucocyte count) (a) Basophiles- 0.5-1%
(b) Eosinophils- 1-3%
(c) Monocytes- 3-8%
(d) Neutrophils- 40-70%
(e) Lymphocytes- 2-25%
Blood platelets count 2,00,000- 4,00,000/cubic mm
Hemoglobin (a) In male: 14-15.6 gm/100 c.c. of blood
(b) In female: 11-14 gm/100 c.c. of blood
Hb content in body 500-700 gm
Universal blood donor O Rh–ve
Universal blood recipient AB
Blood clotting time 2-5 minutes
Average body weight 70 kg
Normal body temperature 98.4° F or 37° C
Breathing rate 16-20/minute
Dental formula adult: 2123/2123 = 32 Child: 2120/2120 = 22 milk teeth
Number of cranial nerves 12 pairs
Number of spinal nerves 31 pairs
Largest endocrine gland Thyroid
Gestation period 9 Months (253-266 days)
Normal heart beat 72-75/minute
Largest gland Liver
Largest muscle in the body Gluteus maximus (Buttock muscle)
Largest smooth muscle Uterus of pregnant woman
Smallest muscle in the body Stapedius
Largest artery Abdominal aorta
Largest vein Inferior venacava
Largest W.B.C Monocyte
Smallest W.B.C. Lymphocyte
Greatest regeneration power In liver
Longest nerve Sciatic
Longest cell Neuron (nerve cell)
Menstrual cycle 28 days
Menopause age 45-50 years
Minimum regeneration power In brain cells
Minimum distance for proper vision 25 cm
Type of placenta Haemochorial (Chorioallantoic)
Pulse rate 72/minute
Volume of semen 2-4 ml/ejaculation
Normal sperm count 200-350 million/ejaculation
ESR (normal Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) 4-10 min./hour
Thinnest skin Conjunctiva
pH of gastric juice 1.4
pH of urine 6.0
pH of blood 7.35-7.45
pH of bile 7.5
pH of pancreatic juice 8.5
Total number of muscles in the body 639
Total number of bones in the body 206
Largest organ of human body Skin