List of Famous Books & Authors useful for IBPS Bank Exams, SSC, UPSC and all Competitive Exams–
Anita Desai : Fire on the Mountain; In Custody; Fasting, Feasting (shortlisted for Booker Prize); Village by the Sea
AB. Vajpayee : Rajniti ke Uss Par
Alan Greenspan : The Age of Turbulence
Anurag Mathur : The Inscrutable Americans
Arun Shourie : Courts & Their Judgments, A Secular Agenda, Falling over Backwards
Ankit Fadia : Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking
Alexander Dumas : Count of Monte Cristo
Aristotle : Ethics, Politics, Metaphysics etc.
Amrik Singh : The Challenge of Education
Aman Bhushan : Escape to Nowhere
Anthony Queen : The Original Sin, Suddenly Sunset
Adam Smith : The Wealth of Nations
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad : India Wins Freedom
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam : Ignited Minds, Wings of Fire, India 2020. A vision for the New Millenium, India my Dream.
A. Vaidyanathan : India Economic Reforms and Development
Aurobindo Ghosh : Life Divine, Essays on Gita and Savitri etc
Bimal Jalan : The Future of India
Bring up the Bodies : Hilary Mantel
Bibhuti Bhushan : Pather Panchali
Samuel Butler : The Way of All Flesh
Mrs. Annie Besant : Wake Up India, The Theosophy, Death and After, Reincarnation etc
B.R. Nanda : In Search of Gandhi: Essays & Reflections
Bill Clinton : My Life
Miguel De Cervantes : Don Quixote
Christopher Paolini : Brisingr
Chitra Mudgal : The Crusade
Clarence Thomas : My Grand Father’s Son
Jim Corbett : Man Eaters of Kumaon
A. Conan Doyle : Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Dostoevsky : Crime and Punishment
David Ogilvy : Blood, brains and beer
Dalai Lama : Ethics for the New Millennium
David Selbourne : The Making of a Midsummer Night's Dream
Lord Meghnad Desai : Nehru's Hero– Dilip Kumar in the Life of India.
Dr. Karan Singh : Heir Apparent
Edwin Aldrin "Buzz" : Encounter with Timber
Escott Reid : Envoy to Nehru
Eugene O' Neill : Beyond the Horizon
Edward Fitzgerald : Rubaiyat of Omer Khayyam
Firdausi : Shahnama
God is Not Great : Christopher Hitchens
Geoff Dyer : Zona
Graham Greene : The Power and the Glory
Gloria Steinem : Revolution from Within
Ginu Kamani : Junglee Girl
Girish Karnad : Two Plays
Victor Hugo : Les Miserable, Hunchback of Notre Dame
Thomas Hardy : Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Far from the Madding Crowd, Under the Greenwood Tree, A Pair of Blue Eyes
Hari Kunzru : Gods without men
Humra Quraishi : Kashmir- The Untold Study
Ibsen : A Doll's House, Ghosts
Iqbal Mohammed : Bang-e-Dara, Bal-e-Jabril
James Hilton : Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Inder Malhotra : Indira Gandhi
Iris Murdoch : The Green Knight
Jayaprakash Narayan : Prison Diary
Jamil Ahmad : The Wandering Falcon
Johngray Eliot : Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Jhumpa Lahiri : The Interpreter of Mala-dies, The Namesake
J.M. Coetzee : Youth, Disgrace, Foe, Slow Man
Joanne Harris : Chocolate
J. K. Jerome : Three Men in a Boat, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
J. K. Rowling : Harry Potter and Globiet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, The Tale of Beedle, the Bard, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows.
John Keay : When Men and Mountains Meet
Jaswant Singh : A Call to Honour-In Service of Emergent India, Travels in Transoxiana
J.W. Smith : Economic Democracy
Joseph Anton : Salman Rushdie
John Keats : Isabela, The Eve of St. Agnes, Endymion
K.M. Panikkar : Asia and Western Dominance
Karl Meyer and Shareen Brysac : Tournament of Shadows.
Kalidas : Sakuntala, Meghdoot, Raghuvansh, Ritu Samhara, Kumar Sambhava
Khushwant Singh : Love, Truth and A Little Malice, Delhi, The Sikhs, Train to Pakistan
Kalhana : Rajatarangini
Kiran Desai : The Inheritance of Loss
Kautilya : Artha-shastra
D.H. Lawrence : Lady Chatterley's Lover, Sons and Lovers, Rainbow
MJ Akbar : Blood Brothers: A family Saga
Margaret Mitchell : Gone With The Wind
Christopher Marlowe : Dr. Faustus. Edward II, Tamer-laine the Great
Maugham, Somerset : Razor's Edge
Michael Griffin : Reaping the Whirlwind
Manjula Padmanabhan : Harvest
John Milton : Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Camus Samson Agonistes.
Maxim Gorky : Mother
Mrinal Pande : The Other Country- Dispatches from the Mofussil
Machiavelli : On the Art of War, The Prince
Margaret Drabble : The Middle Ground
Mark Shand : 'River Dog'
Katherine Mayo : Mother India.
Milan Kundera : Life is Elsewhere
N. Vittal : Ideas for Action
Noreen Grice : Touch the Universe
Nassim Nicholas Taleb : The Black Swan
Flute : Songs of India
Nisha Da Cunha : No Black, No White
Naguib Mahfouz : Children of Gebalawi
Narcopolis : Jeet Thayil
George Orwell : Nineteen Eighty Four, Animal Farm
Panini : Ashatadhyayi
Pt. Ravi Shankar : My Music, My Life
Pope John Paul II : Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Plato : The Dunciad, Essay on Man
Patricia Cornwell : Black Notice
Pankaj Mishra : The Romantics
P. V. Narasimha Rao : A Long way, Ayodhya: 6 December 1992
Playing It My Way : Sachin Tendulkar, Boria Majumdar ( Co-author)
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, : Hindu View of Life, India Philosophy, East & West in Religion
Rousseau : The Social Contract, Confessions.
Rajeev Sharma : The Pakistan Trap
Ram Jethmalani : Big Egos, Small Men
Remarque : All quiet on the Western Front
Robert Ludlum : The Paris Option
R.K. Laxman : Laugh With Laxman, A dose of Laughter
William Shakespeare : Othello, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet
Shiv Khera : You Can Win
Sashi Tharoor : The Great Indian Novel; Nehru-The Invention of India
Stepheie Meyer : New Moon
Steve Martini : The Judge
S. Gopalan : Tryst with Destiny
Sir Thomas Moore : Utopia
Salman Rushdie : Midnight's children, fury, The Moor's Last Sigh, Step across this Line, Shalimar The Clown
Satyajit Ray : Stranger Stories
Subramanian Swamy : Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out
Swimming Home : Deborah Levy
Stephenie Meyer : Twilight
Ruskin Bond : The Adventure of Rusty
Tommy Franks : American Soldier
Thomas Mann : Death in Venice
Thomas Gray : Elegy Writen in a Country Churchyard
Taslima Nasreen : Lajja, My Girlhood, French Lover, Uthal Hawa; Dwikhandita, Nirbasan
The Golden Notebook : Doris Lessing (Nobel prize 07)
The Lighthouse : Alison Moore
Tara All Baig : The Forbidden Sea
Umbrella : Will Self
Vikram Seth : Suitable Boy, Golden Gate, The Rivered Earth
V.V. Girl : My Life and Times
Vladimir Nabokov : Lolita
V. Anand : How to Play Chess.
Ved Mehta : Mahatma Gandhi and his Apostles, Portrait of India
Walt Whitman : Leaves of Grass
P.G. Wodehouse : The Conqueror, The Code, The Woosters
Y.S. Rajan : Empowering Indians
Zia Jaffrey : The Invisibles