Ramon Magsaysay Awards, generally referred to as the Nobel Prize of Asia were announced for 2016 on July 27 by the Ramon Magsaysay award committee in Manila, the Philippines.

Tow Indians– human rights activist Bezwada Wilson and noted Carnatic singer T.M. Krishna are among the six winners of the coveted honours this year. Bezwada Wilson, a renowned crusader against the evil of manual scavenging belongs to a Dalit family of Karnataka. He is the national convener of the Safai Karamachari Andolan (SKA). He was chosen for the award for “asserting the inalienable right to a life of human dignity”. Wilson considers manual scavenging worse than slavery. Another award winner from India, T.M. Krishna was selected for the award under the ‘Emergent Leadership’ category for bringing ‘social inclusiveness in culture’. Krishna’s achievement and services to music shows that music can bring transformative and positive changes not only to the personal life but also in the society.

A part from the two Indians, four others have been selected this year of the award–Conchita Carpio-Morales of the Philippines, Dompet Dhuafa of Indonesia, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and ‘Vientiane Rescue’ of Laos.

Ramon Magsaysay Award was instituted in 1957 in the memory of third President of Philippines. It is given annually to individuals or organizations in Asia for their selfless services and contributions to the society.